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To where the Maine coons Reign!

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We are a Purebred, TICA registered Maine coon breeder in Yelm, Washington offering Maine coon kittens for sale to people anywhere in America.

We are a cattery specializing in big, majestic Maine coons. Our Kings and Queens are direct imports from Europe and have the wild look that everyone loves. Our cats are 100% health tested with DNA, echocardiograms and hip/elbow x-rays to provide you with the best kitten possible! Our kittens are fully vetted, microchipped, altered, vaccined, dewormed and come with a 4 year health guarantee/ 30 days of free insurance.


Looking to purchase a kitten from Regal Lane? It is rare to have any kittens available but we have 1 male kitten available and ready to go home!

Available kitten!! Caraxes is a unique color, a cream silver tabby with white mittens, he is vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, vet checked, neutered, TICA registered and ready to go home! Check out his page for all info!

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Regal Lane's Heir to the throne

Kittens are raised in our home and before leaving Regal Lane, all kittens will be fully vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked, spayed/neutered, socialized, and desensitized to brushing, nail trims, baths, blow drying, loud noises like a vacuum, children, dogs, and carriers. We strive to keep an extremely clean environment to avoid disease transmission, and we are hands on from the moment they take their first breath until the day they leave the cattery. It is critical to conduct research on these animals, and we are looking for homes that will provide these cats with the same loving care that we do.

When we have kittens we will be doing live streams to be able to get to know each kittens personality. 

The vision

Everything comes second to the cats' health. Before any cat can be crowned King or Queen, they must pass a series of health tests to ensure that they are healthy enough to produce heirs here at Regal Lane. 

Beginning with a DNA test, breeding cats are tested for over 40 genetic diseases. They are then sedated for hip and elbow X-rays. Finally, we travel to Oregon for a heart ultrasound known as an Echocardiogram. 

If any of these tests are unfavorable, the cat will be removed from our program and will never produce heirs. 

We are one of the few breeders in Washington who conduct this level of health testing.

Another main goal of Regal Lane is to preserve the Maine coon breed for future generations to enjoy. We strive for standard, correct type and temperament, which means we breed cats together to correct any flaws the other has and are always looking for kittens to exceed their parents. 


Everyone adores the appearance of the Maine coon, and we are here to preserve the best features, such as large muzzles and lynx tips.


Behind the cattery

Get to Know Us

Regal Lane Maine Coons, located in Yelm, Washington, is a small TICA registered cattery. Owned by Dominic Daniels and Kaylee Sanabria, Where the Maine coons reign and live among us as members of our family. We were founded in 2021 after receiving our first Maine coon from Russia. 

After seeing Maine coons for the first time on Facebook six years ago, I dreamed of owning them and never thought that I would.

I am determined to produce Maine coons for people and future generations to enjoy. I want to share information about the cattery through vlogs and live streams.

The Lingo

King: an active breeding male

queen: an active breeding female

Prince/princess: breeding prospect awaiting clear health tests to become a king or queen

lord/lady: males and females in a litter


Heirs to the throne: offspring (kittens) of kings/queens

The castle: Where the cats reside

the small council: The owners of Regal lane 

the realm: Approved guardians (people whose applications have been approved to adopt a kitten)

accession: When a male or females goes from a prince/princess to a king/queen

When kings and queens have kittens they are all heirs to the throne and will all get the title lord/lady. if a heir is kept back by the small council as a breeding prospect they will get the title prince/princess. Once health testing is complete, princes/princesses will have an accession to the throne and become a King or Queen. All cats live in the castle and looked after by the small council. To be able to purchase a kitten you must submit an application to the small council and once approved you become part of the realm.

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