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Angel Litter

ZilantShadow Z'Gek X Adelina KisBis *BY

Health Testing: Both DNA clear (N/N), normal hips & elbows, normal echocardiograms.

Date of birth: 

March 22-23 2023




 5 (none alive)


 3 (one alive)

Heir To The Throne

A kitten passed away while still in the womb and was decaying. Adelina's body would naturally expel this kitten to avoid infection but because of this she did not go into labor but instead aborted her kittens. Unfortunately while the kittens were being born their sacks broke and they inhaled fluid, this combined with the lack of strong contractions meant these kittens were sitting in the birth canal for too long and passed away before being born. Adelina never produced milk so her only living kitten was hand raised. This is one of many things that can go wrong in a cats pregnancy and not uncommon. Losing kittens is the reality of breeding and this is something that most breeders would not share but I am here to educate on the reality of breeding and that it is not just sunshine and cute kittens. These things make every breeder question their decision to continue to breed because it is incredibly painful to experience but I won't, for the love of the breed.

Above is our remaining kitten Halo who is the first generation of RegalLane. Because I am keeping her as a breeding prospect she has ascended the throne to become a Princess.

Rest in Peace to the 7 kittens that we lost.

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