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*All credit for the pictures below go to the respective owners. Links to where the pictures came from are at the bottom.*


Alliance Jazz

Zilantshadow paprika


ICH Tommy Britling*BY
(International Champion)

Uralridge Iris

CH Honeydevil Volcano

Zilantshadow Frostya


Very promising of seftenriver

Pillowtalk's Vanilla Rose

Uralridge Geyser

Uralridge Wasabi

King Lion White Luxury

HoneyDevil Pattaya 

CH Basile Forest Dwellers

Sladusha Mara Pra Coona

Great-Great Grandparents

Elphinstone Indiana Jones

CH Russi Mystic Grizzly

Odin sky beyrouth

CH Vip-coon Bajun

Kelly of Seftenriver

Elphinstone Pushkin

Uralridge Cristol

CH Tigr Krasnyi Dar

ICH Alfa white Luxury
no picture found

Red Dazzler's Aloha
no picture found

Aldaker Taipan

ICH Rurik Mara Pra Coona
no picture found

Uralridge Ivolga no picture found

Pillowtalk's Dodo

Georgia Grand Cat House
no picture found

Honeydevil Lady di

links to cats in his pedigree:





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