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The vision

Everything comes second to the cats' health. before any cat can be crowned King or Queen, they must pass a series of health tests to ensure that they are healthy enough to produce heirs here at Regal Lane. 

Beginning with a DNA test, breeding cats are tested for over 40 genetic diseases. They are then sedated for hip and elbow X-rays. Finally, we travel to Oregon for a heart ultrasound known as an Echocardiogram to look at the structure and function of their hearts.

Did you know that only DNA testing does NOT rule out HCM in Maine coons, which is why we take extra measures and get echocardiograms done on all of our cats. This is the only way to completely rule out HCM, a common heart condition in the Maine coon breed.

If any of these tests are unfavorable, the cat will be removed from our program and will never produce heirs. 

We are one of the few breeders in Washington who conduct this level of health testing.

Another main goal of Regal Lane is to preserve the Maine coon breed for future generations to enjoy. We strive for standard, correct type and temperament, which means we breed cats together to correct any flaws the other has and are always looking for kittens to exceed their parents. 


Everyone adores the appearance of the Maine coon, and we are here to preserve the best features, such as large muzzles and lynx tips.

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