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  • Pricing
    Kittens are currently $3,500. Included with kittens: - Kittens from high quality parents that have been fully health tested with DNA, Echocardiograms and x-rays - TICA registered - Spayed/Neutered - Vet checked and copies of medical records - Microchipping - 2 FVRCP vaccines & 3 rounds of deworming - 4 year health guarantee covering genetic diseases & 72 hours of unlimited coverage. - Copies of contracts - Fully Litter box trained - High quality photos posted weekly -Very often live streams (kitten watching) to observe your kitten until go home day - Kittens that are raised underfoot and accustomed to children, new people and household sounds as well as being introduced to bathing, blow drying, brushing and nail clipping - Full grooming prior to going home -Unlimited access to RegalLane for any questions or concerns -First dibs on your next kitten at RegalLane ALL kittens will leave my cattery spayed/neutered, there is no exceptions to this unless a kitten is leaving the cattery with full breeding rights to a breeder. As a breeder it is extremely important to not contribute to random breeding and shelter population especially while being under severe scrutiny by "adopt don't shop" and animal rights activists who claim we are the cause. After speaking with breeders who have spayed/neutered their entire breeding career and have only seen a very minimal amount of issues ( 1 out of 100's) in male kittens that could be related to ESN, we made the decision that the downsides of sending a animal home unaltered are greater.
  • Can I visit the Regal Lane Castle?
    We are a closed cattery, like most catteries, because this is not a pet store where people can come and play with cute kittens. Even when fully vaccinated, cats are extremely susceptible to illnesses, and the possibility of someone bringing in an illness could be fatal to my cats, especially the kittens who may not be fully vaccinated yet. This is a standard practice in almost all catteries. I will leave links below to show the dangers of allowing people to come to your home where 10s of thousands of dollars of breeding cats and kittens are located especially when the demand for Maine coons has increased. People coming to meet kittens in person for 30 minutes will absolutely never be a risk I am willing to take for my cats or family despite being armed. However we will be doing live streams throughout the kittens time with us for buyers to get to know each kitten and able to make a decision on which kitten they want.
  • How do I pick up my kitten?
    Washington or driving into WA buyers: Pick ups are done at the Yelm Tractor Supply. With having to meet with multiple people from plenty of different cities it is easier to do it all at one place instead of traveling. Out of state buyers ONLY (flying into WA): If you are out of state and hiring a flight nanny or traveling to Washington yourself by plane we can drop the kitten off to you or the flight nanny at the airport. This is to be organized well in advance. This is an option only for Sundays and some Mondays. Breeder transport: If you are out of state and don't want to hire a flight nanny or travel to Washington we might be able to bring the kitten to an airport near you for a fee. Buyer would buy the plane ticket and compensate the breeder for their time. This is only an option for Sundays and some Mondays. All to be organized in advance. If I have a kitten being dropped off at the airport then airport pick up could be an option for Washington buyers, if that is closer for you than coming to Yelm. This only happens if I already have a kitten going to the airport and on the same day.
  • How do I get on the waitlist?
    We do not have a traditional waitlist. When there is a high demand for kittens, a waitlist can make buyers wait up to a year or more; during that time, most people will find a kitten elsewhere and take up a spot and time when it is their turn to pick. When you want a specific gender and color, there is a lot that goes into picking a kitten, and not having a waitlist allows the buyer to choose the perfect kitten when they believe is the best time. When kittens are 8-10 weeks old our application will be made available for anyone to apply for a specific kitten(s). Kittens will be reserved in order of application received. See our application process for more information.
  • Why should I choose Regal Lane?
    Regal Lane is one of the few catteries in Washington State that does health tests other than just DNA testing. To ensure that our cats do not have the fatal disease HCM, which is highly common in the Maine Coon breed, all of our breeding cats undergo DNA testing and echocardiograms, the only way to completely rule out the disease. Our cats also undergo Hip and elbow x-rays without evidence of hip dysplasia. All of the results are clear. Then, as advised, these tests are repeated. Regal Lane is concerned with more than just producing pets for people. Our first priority is to the Maine Coon breed and keeping it alive, healthy, and correct in appearance and behavior by breeding to the standard. If we have a cat with a flaw, we will breed it to a cat that can help make up for the flaw and never double the bad. We are always looking for offspring who look better than their parents. If you do not breed according to the breed standard, you will eventually get a cat that does not look or act like a Maine Coon. As breeders we are capable of judging our own cats and pointing out their flaws. Before purchasing my first Maine Coon, I spent 6 years researching the breed standard, running a cattery, caring for cats/pregnant cats/studs/kittens, contracts, cat viruses, and so on. I did not enter the breeding business blindly. When we have kittens we will be doing birth vlogs and live streams for people to "kitten watch." this is something I've always loved to watch and have only seen dog breeders do. We want to give insight into the life of breeders. We will be very hands on with the kittens from birth until they leave the cattery to get them accustomed to handling, grooming, household noises, children and dogs. We do not let strangers into our home who could bring deadly viruses and keeping a clean and disinfected house is the #1 priority. Regal lane is constantly looking for ways to better the cattery and the cats lives while they are here. This summer we are going to be transforming our carport into a catio so the cats can get outdoor time. We are always researching new breeders to be able to introduce new lines into the cattery. At Regal lane we believe it is most important to be ethical breeders by not "overbreeding" any cats and retiring them at a young age and rehoming them so they can live out their lives in a pet home. Regal Lane does not follow trends that negatively impact the Maine coon breed like blue eyes on a cat with no white (not the breed standard and considered a disqualification)
  • Do you health test your breeding cats?
    Yes. All breeding cats will be health tested PRIOR to producing heirs. This includes not only a DNA screening but also Hip/elbow X-Rays and an Echocardiogram (heart ultrasound). X-Rays and Echocardiograms are repeated as needed/recommended by our vets. All health testing is located on each King and Queens page. Health testing is heavily watermarked to avoid scammers stealing them. Kitten owners can request to be sent these without watermarks. We try to reduce the number of cats coming into our cattery by not allowing stud services and keeping back our own females instead of purchasing from other catteries. Males will be the only new cats coming into our cattery and females have very small amount of interactions with them. If there is a new cat they will be quarantined for at least 3 weeks before coming into any contact with our other cats. Non serious illnesses can be common within cats especially in a cattery setting. However, none of our cats have ever contracted or been treated for any illness.
  • What's covered in the health guarantee?
    It should be noted that, while I do everything in my power as a breeder to produce healthy kittens by starting with healthy parents and performing the recommended health testing (Clear DNA panel, clear hip x-rays, clear Echocardiogram) on each breeding cat, it is not a guarantee that every kitten produced will be 100% healthy its entire life; in fact, that is the entire purpose of breeding, to improve the breed and breed out issues. With the recommended vaccines, deworming, and preventatives, all of my kittens are guaranteed to leave my cattery healthy, but I cannot predict how environmental, food choices, weight, and lifestyle will affect each kitten later in life. Every genetic disease tested for in our DNA panels will be covered by our health guarantee fro 4 years; if the kitten dies from any of the listed diseases, I will replace it free of charge. In addition to genetic diseases, I will guarantee the kitten for 72 hours after you take it home. During that time, it is recommended that you get a vet check to confirm the kitten's health; if the kitten becomes seriously ill during that time, I will take the kitten back and refund your payment. As a breeder, I cannot guarantee anything else. Buyers should learn about common diseases in the breed and how to prevent illness. HCM and hip dysplasia can occur in kittens whose parents tested negative for the conditions. Understand that you are purchasing a living being and should budget for potential vet bills. I strongly advise having pet insurance, a savings account, or the ability to obtain a credit card in case of an emergency. As with human children, no one can guarantee that a child will not be born with or develop issues.
  • Do you give breeding rights?
    I will give breeding rights to breeders working on bettering the breed by fully health testing (DNA, echo, hip x-rays). The majority of my kittens if not kept with me will be pets so the gene pool does not become saturated with my lines however, I have a open mind about new breeders that are serious about breeding and can demonstrate the needed knowledge. I will not sell breeding rights to anyone in Thurston County, Washington. Someone must have knowledge on: - The amount of money and space it takes to run a cattery - LLC and tax knowledge - Building a website and marketing - Maine coon standard, health, history - cat illnesses - contracts - Housing male cats, having areas already set up for them - Housing kittens - Importance of quarantining new cats - cat heats, gestation, pregnancy complications, blood type compatibility - Birthing, raising kittens - Weaning and litter box training - Bottle feeding schedule, ability to bottle feed kittens every 2 hours if needed - vaccine, deworming, spay/neuter schedule and most importantly the free time to dedicate to these cats, there is no breaks. This is just the most basic knowledge that people should know when messaging me about breeding rights.
  • Breeding standards at Regal Lane
    We hold our breeding cats to a very high standard at Regal Lane Maine Coons. The most important factors are health, temperament, personality and type. Each breeding cat will be DNA tested and will have N/N results, Hip/elbow X-rays that are within breeding guidelines, and a clear Echocardiogram. If any of those results are unfavorable, the cat is removed from the program, spayed/neutered, and placed in a forever home. A bad temperament is also non-negotiable; we want our cats' temperaments to be equivalent to the Maine Coon standard. There is a little more leniency for type because selective breeding can correct some issues.
  • Where do your cats live?
    Our Queens and kittens are being raised in our home. Queens are allowed to roam freely throughout the house as are kittens when they reach an appropriate age. Our males are outside in a 100sqft covered catio. It is critical to understand that intact stud cats are not the same as male pet cats. Kings and Queens are retired at a young age with many years of life ahead of them and rehomed to live the rest of their lives as spoiled pets. We rehome our retired cats not because we don't care about them, but so they can receive the one-on-one attention and "pet life" that they deserve. More about how we keep our males can be found in my blog.
  • Registering & Naming
    TICA registration will be obtained for all kittens. Upon pickup owners will receive a breeder slip to be able to register their kitten. The kittens will not be registered until owners do it themselves which is not required. Naming kittens on their registration requires a unique name and cannot be the same as another kitten that is registered under my cattery. My cattery name "RegalLane" will automatically be the beginning of every kittens name to identify where the kitten came from. Ex: RegalLane Sophie When kittens are born, I choose a theme and name the kittens after that theme, this is for easy identification and my records. Owners will be free to name their kitten whatever they want when the kitten goes home.
  • Do you agree with declawing & free roaming outdoors?
    I do not agree with declawing or allowing cats to roam freely outside, so I look for buyers who will not do either.
  • Will you take a cat back if I can no longer keep it?
    Buyers can return ANY Regal Lane kitten at ANY time in their life and for ANY reason. If a buyer chooses to re-home a Regal lane cat for any reason, I request that I have first dibs on purchasing the cat if the buyer can no longer keep it. If I decide not to buy the cat back, I trust you to find a good home for it, or I can assist you in finding a new home if necessary. A cat from my cattery should never be surrendered to a shelter or rescue.
  • What happens to retired breeding cats?
    To maintain a large gene pool, I must maintain genetic diversity in my cattery, which means I will retire my cats from breeding at a young age and allow them to go to new homes where they will receive more one-on-one attention. Some cats who thrive in a cattery environment will be allowed to stay with me, but this will be limited because I need the space for breeding cats and do not want to be a hoarder. Retired breeders will forever hold a place in my heart and forever be honored here as cats that contributed to keeping this amazing breed alive and bringing a lot of people years of happiness with their kittens. We will never forget them. My main foundation cats will stay with me to monitor health to make sure the lines I am working with are the best but once old enough, if they do not thrive in a multiple cat home they too will be moved to a new home.
  • What Food & Litter do you use?
    It is recommended to feed kitten food until 2 years old. We also like to soak our cats food in water or add wet food because its extremely important to keep cats hydrated. If you are able to I would recommend feeding majority wet food. ​ Dry: Nulo cod and duck recipe Wet-: Nulo & Fancy feast (classic paté line) Litter: We like clumping litter the most specifically the red lid of Tidy cats but we recently made the switch to pine pellets.
  • What is the point of the lingo used on the website and social media?
    Facebook and instagram are against the sales of animals (mostly Facebook). Breeders spend years buliding up their accounts only for them to be terminated because of comments like "how much" "for sale" or "price" indicating that animals are being sold from that page. Our social media is only used for advertising and cats are never sold directly from Facebook or instagram. Because of this we have come up with a theme to our cattery which fits our cattery name and use these terms as code words to avoid being flagged as to selling cats. King: an active breeding male ​ Queen: an active breeding female ​ Prince/Princess: breeding prospect awaiting clear health tests to become a king or queen ​ Lord/Lady: males and females in a litter Heirs to the throne: offspring (kittens) of kings/queens ​ The castle: Where the cats reside ​ The small council: The owners of Regal lane ​ The realm: Approved guardians (people whose applications have been approved to adopt a kitten) ​ Accession: When a male or females goes from a prince/princess to a king/queen When kings and queens have kittens they are all heirs to the throne and will all get the title lord/lady. If a heir is kept back by the small council as a breeding prospect they will get the title prince/princess. Once health testing is complete, princes/princesses will have an accession to the throne and become a king or queen. All cats live in the castle and looked after by the realm. To be able to purchase a kitten you must submit an application to the small council and once approved you become part of the regal lane realm.
  • What is a Maine coon temperament like?
    Male and female temperaments differ slightly, with some females being more sassy and males being more affectionate, but they are otherwise very similar. My own Maine coons, in my experience, are very friendly to everyone and will investigate anything new that comes into the house. When my male was in the middle of a birthday party, had to be front and center when my step daughter was opening presents, and climbed into her indoor bounce house and laid there while she jumped around in it, I knew Maine coons were different from any other cat. These cats do not run away when there are 10 or more people present for a party because they need to be in the middle of everything at all times. Unlike regular cats, my cats have never run and hide from anything new. Maine coons will lay on your chest on the couch, follow you around the house, and come when called. They have dog personalities rather than cat personalities. Maine coons should NEVER be aggressive or scared and as a breeder I would absolutely not breed that type of temperament.
  • How big will my Maine coon get?
    Maine coons come in a variety of sizes. Males are generally larger than females and can weigh twice as much as females. Males typically weigh 15 pounds or more, while females weigh 10 pounds or more. Maine coons should never be overweight, and even if they are not the heaviest, they are still large cats with their long bodies and hair. Maine coons take 4-5 years to fully mature and reach their full size as well. Each of our cats' pages shows their weights by month as they grow.
  • Are Maine coons good with children?
    Maine coons should get along well with children, but it depends on the particular cat and, obviously, on teaching children how to act towards them. Personally, my female is more of a watch from a distance type cat but would play with children if they have a cat toy. My male, however, is highly sociable and would sit with my step daughter as she played with her toys. In comparison to domestic short/long hair cats, which are typically bred at random and as a result have a wide range of temperaments, Maine coons are (generally) bred to a standard, which ensures that undesirable temperaments are not used in breeding and therefore not handed down to any offspring.
  • Do Maine coons like dogs?
    Maine coons are very social creatures who enjoy discovering new things. Both of my cats approached my large dogs (while they were restrained) and later lay next to them while they napped. My male is the size of a small dog and enjoys bullying my Bernese Mountain dog Bria. Of course, hissing is common, but they appear to warm up to dogs quickly if they have a positive experience with them.
  • What colors can Maine coons be?
    Maine coons can be A LOT of different colors/patterns and determining what colors the kittens will be takes the knowledge of how color genetics work. Maine coons get their coloring and patterns directly from their parents. Female kittens take one gene from each parent while males only take one gene from their mother which is why males (besides rare cases) are only one color (white doesn't count as a second color). Under the upcoming heirs section of this website you will see what colors each pairing can produce. Maine coon colors: Any of these colors can be with white and the amount of white can vary. Black Blue (dilute form of black) Red Cream (dilute form of red) Black tortie (black and red) Blue tortie (blue and cream, dilute form of black tortie) White (Is not a color, the white masks the true color underneath) Patterns All of these patterns can go with any color Solid (no pattern) Solid cat with a inhibitor gene = Smoke (the root of the hair follicle is white Tabby (mackerel, ticked, spotted, classic (blotched) Tabby cat with a inhibitor gene = Sliver, shaded, shell (the ticked hairs of the base color changes to silver & the degree depends on the tabby pattern)
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