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Regal Lane's heir to the throne

Kittens are raised in our home and before leaving Regal Lane, all kittens will be fully vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, vet checked, spayed/neutered, socialized, and desensitized to brushing, nail trims, baths, blow drying, loud noises like a vacuum, children, dogs, and carriers. Kittens go home with a 4 year health guarantee and 30 days of free insurance. We strive to keep an extremely clean environment to avoid disease transmission, and we are hands on from the moment they take their first breath until the day they leave the cattery. It is critical to conduct research on these animals, and we are looking for homes that will provide these cats with the same loving care that we do.

No waitlist!

Waitlists have become a giant waste of time for both buyers and breeders so Regal Lane does NOT have one. We want to give everyone an equal opportunity to purchase a kitten from us!

Regal Lane's Buying process


Read over our contract and Q&A page

Before thinking about filling out a kitten application please read our Q&A page and sample contract to be sure we are the right breeder for you. Contact us if you have any questions.


Submit an application

If you are a breeder, buying 2 kittens at once or a returning customer message me to have first dibs on kittens.

In advance, we will make a social media post saying the exact date and time that our application will be posted, this will give you a heads up and be able to prepare to get the best chance at reserving a kitten. Once kittens are 10-12 weeks old, our application will be made available for you to apply for a specific kitten. On the application you will specify which kitten(s) you want. If you are open to more than one kitten you will list all of them in order of your interest.


Applications will be accepted in order of first come first serve. This means that the quicker your application is submitted the higher likelihood you'll receive the kitten you want. 

If all the kittens on your list are chosen by the time I get to your application you will have the opportunity to choose a different available one.

It should be noted that people who are active on my social media account by liking or commenting on my posts will be the FIRST to be considered since this shows a seriousness in a kitten from my cattery.

Sometimes people get scared away by this process being first come first serve and thinking that there will be a lot of people applying however about 98% of the people who contact me wanting kittens don't actually go through with buying one and there is a lot of things that could get peoples applications denied. 


After being accepted

If accepted, you will have to sign a contract and send a $500 deposit for the kitten to officially be reserved for you, which is subtracted from the total and not a additional fee. Zelle and Cash are the only accepted forms of payment.

Not sending a deposit will result in the kitten being offered to someone else.


pick up & shipping

Kittens must be paid for in full before being handed over to you. The deposit is subtracted from the total and not an additional charge.

Pickup will be at the Yelm Tractor Supply ONLY. We do not do meet ups at any other place.

If you live outside of Washington you can either hire us, a flight nanny or fly into the Seattle-Tacoma international airport where we will drop the kitten off to you to fly home in cabin. 


Kittens go home no earlier than the Sunday-Monday after they turn 16 weeks old. kittens will not go home earlier than 16 weeks old for any reason as they need time to heal after their alter surgery.

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